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Solve your dispute quick, easy and at a low cost.

Swiftcourt solves your disputes quick and easy. If you're going to court, it will cost you a lot of money and it will take you at least 1 year to reach a verdict. With Swiftcourt, you can solve your dispute within 6 weeks and the cost is only a fraction of what it costs in the public courts.

Agree to solve your dispute with Swiftcourt

You and the other party must agree to solve your dispute with Swiftcourt. You can agree before the dispute arises in your contract, or afterwords via Swiftcourt. Swiftcourt will then make sure you and the other party agree by sending a request. While your waiting for the respons, you can start writing on your claims.

Present your case

When you've agreed to solve the dispute with Swiftcourt, the dispute will be iniated and the correspondence starts. The correspondence continues between you and the other party for 4 weeks where you present your case and argue why you're right. You can also upload relevant evidence and documentation to prove your case. You can also get legal advice and assistance with writing your claims throughout the process.

Verdict within 6 weeks.

As soon as the correspondence is completed, Swiftcourt selects 1 aribtrator who directly starts to walk through your case. The arbitrator will deliver a verdict and a final solution of your dispute within 2 weeks, and you will be noticed as soon as the verdict is written and signed. The verdict is directly enforceable, meaning that the loosing party must follow the verdict, otherwise the enforcement authorities will help you.

Use Swiftcourt in your contracts.

Make sure all your contracts are safe and secure and avoid long and expensive disptutes in the courts by using the Swiftcourt arbitration clause in your contracts. By doing so, you will always be sure that you'll have enough time and money to solve any dispute.